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STK Aqua develops and commercializes botanical-based, food protection solutions that solve the myriad challenges of modern fish farming. From vaccination, transportation and stress reduction through staving off the onslaught of parasites and bacterial diseases, STK’s chemical-free formulations are a real game-changer in this space.

Demand for fish, shrimp and other aquatic species has never been greater – and the ecosystems where they thrive have never been in greater peril. STK Aqua enables the complete replacement of chemical treatment with botanical-based solutions that effectively reduce disease, infection and mortality, while safeguarding natural habitats.

Fish consumption has almost doubled since the 1960s. With the global population forecasted to grow to 9.7 billion by 2050, farm fish is steadily becoming an increasingly critical food category in supplying the world’s protein needs. Nearly half of the seafood destined for human consumption is produced today through the auspices of fish farming, also known as aquaculture.

Farmed fish are typically crowded together in net pens or cages anchored to the sea floor in the ocean near the coast. Subsequently, these fish are exposed to high tense stress, which can foster disease and parasites. The chemical solutions traditionally used to address these challenges leave poisonous residue which harm fish raised for human consumption. Moreover, they pollute aquafarming environments and the surrounding waters.

STK Aqua is devoted to solving the complex challenges facing modern sustainable aquaculture. Our formulations are extensively tested and proven in clinical and field tests by our Research and Development Innovation Center.

STK Aqua offers a range of do-no-harm botanical solutions that previously did not exist in the market for improving the daily management of fish, helping to increase their survival rate and enabling safer, healthier and more abundant production.


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