Another excellent Hybrid


Coming soon from STK–KRUV™ another excellent Hybrid that combines the proven efficacy of chemistry with plant extract.
KRUV™ offers curative and preventative control for wide range of fungal diseases for various crops.

Integration is the revolution: KRUV™ keeps the excellency of STK hybrid product line, KRUV™ delivers effective and sustainable disease control in various crops while reducing the chemical residue on food and minimizing the effect on the environment
KRUV™ unique and innovative formulation will enable farmer to meet the need for better and safer food.

  • Unique mode of action – FRAC group C and F
  • Introducing new MOA to Soybean and wheat, better tool to fight resistance
  • 2 MOA with only one MRL counted
  • Prefect fit to market prices
  • Addressing row crops – Soybean, Wheat, Peanuts on top of F&V
  • Lowering the chemical foot print on the environment, farmers and consumers
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STK Hosts Banana Grower Delegation from Brazil

March 2018 STK bio-ag technologies, a leading company in the development and marketing of botanical-based solutions, hosted today a technical visit  of brazilian banana growers to learn more about the positive effects of  botanicals on banana and its added benefits for crop protection. The visit began at STK HQs, followed by a 5 day technical tour throughout Israel to learn from various farms, banana specialists and listen to professional lectures in the industry. The VIP delegation of 15 visitors composed by producers, consultants and managers of associations covering all regions of Banana production in Brazil, visited as part of study tour the premises of STK HQs in Israel. The growers and consultants who will take part in this trip, represent more than 15,000 hectares of banana and the associations and cooperatives represent more than 80,000 hectares. The vist included and extensive tour of the the STK lab, during which the delegation was exposed to the company’s scientific and technological approach to researching and developing botanical-based solutions, as well as the exacting quality control practices employed in producing consistently effective commercial-grade formulations. Considerable discussion focused on Timorex Gold®, STK’s flagship solution which is currently sold and used on various crops throughout Brazil. The environmentally-friendly, botanical-based food protection fungicide increases productivity and efficiency in crops, while reducing chemical load residues on the produce. The delegation was informed about the benefits of Timorex Gold® for banana growers, including short PHI, zero residue, and the enlarging and promotion of the leaf surface. Timorex Gold®is certified worldwide by leading organic associations, including IBD Brazil, ECOCERT, BCS and others