A Broad-Spectrum, Botanical-Based Fungicide

Top five challenges farmers are facing that Botanical Biopesticides can solve

1. Chemical Footprint The Challenge The intensive use of traditional pesticides is a major concern for human health as well as the environment. Despite the global tendency towards decreasing toxic pesticides use, these are still the main solutions used by growers to fight plant diseases.

Botanical biopesticides are created using naturally derived ingredients. They are safe for flora and harmless to humans. Botanical biopesticides can greatly decrease the use of conventional pesticides and lower the chemical footprint, offering healthier, biological-based plant protection.

2. Disease Adaptivity The Challenge Foliar diseases are highly destructive to agricultural crops, resulting in considerable lower crop yields and decreased quality. Conventionally, such diseases are controlled by using traditional pesticides. However, over time, many agricultural crop pathogens have developed resistance to these traditional pesticides, increasing the risk of crop loss and food scarcity.

By using botanical biopesticides, which contain several naturally accrued molecules, the probability that crop pathogens can become resistant to the biopesticides is very low. For this reason, botanical biopesticides offer an attractive alternative to synthetic pesticides and an important tool in resistance management.

3. Application Time-frame The Challenge When using chemical pesticides, growers have relatively long PHI (Pre Harvest Interval) limitations and must wait between the pesticide application and the harvest, in order to minimize pesticide residue.

Because Botanical pesticides are safe and non-toxic, they have shorter Pre-Harvest Intervals (PHI) limitations, and waiting times between application and harvest can range from zero to two days only.

4. The Market (and Regulation) Moves Towards Organic Solutions The Challenge There is growing consumer awareness regarding the health and environmental risks associated with synthetic pesticides. The market demand for safer foods and sustainable products is booming. Regulation is following this trend, requiring healthier, biological-based solutions that reduce chemical residues.

Botanical biopesticides are safe for workers and the environment. They help growers meet organic food standards and produce “residue-free” food. In addition, botanical biopesticides usually have no residues detections, thus increasing growers' access to profitable export markets.

5. Broader Diseases Control Range The Challenge Some foliar diseases are now endemic in many regions, and growers need effective solutions that are safe to use on vegetables, herbs, grapevines, rice, soya, coffee, banana and various fruit trees.

Botanical biopesticides, used alone or in combination with conventional crop protection products, are effective against a broad spectrum of plant diseases. They improve efficacy and enhance yield. The combination of synthetic and biological pesticides reduces the ability of the diseases to develop resistance and prolongs the efficacy of the chemical active ingredient.

Organic Certification

Timorex Gold® is certified for organic production by numerous international certification bodies:

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Recipient of the 2017 1st Place Best-in-Class Provider of
Choice Award in the category of
“Top 10 Global Leading Biopesticide & Biocontrol Brands”

  • No residues; no MRL
  • Unique mode of action, FRAC listed
  • May be applied year-round without inducing resistance
  • Easily adapted into sustainable and IPM practices
  • Zero toxic load
  • Non-hazardous to beneficial insects and pollinators
  • Certified for organic agriculture
  • Two-time winner of the AGROW Awards
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STK Hosts Banana Grower Delegation from Brazil

March 2018 STK bio-ag technologies, a leading company in the development and marketing of botanical-based solutions, hosted today a technical visit  of brazilian banana growers to learn more about the positive effects of  botanicals on banana and its added benefits for crop protection. The visit began at STK HQs, followed by a 5 day technical tour throughout Israel to learn from various farms, banana specialists and listen to professional lectures in the industry. The VIP delegation of 15 visitors composed by producers, consultants and managers of associations covering all regions of Banana production in Brazil, visited as part of study tour the premises of STK HQs in Israel. The growers and consultants who will take part in this trip, represent more than 15,000 hectares of banana and the associations and cooperatives represent more than 80,000 hectares. The vist included and extensive tour of the the STK lab, during which the delegation was exposed to the company’s scientific and technological approach to researching and developing botanical-based solutions, as well as the exacting quality control practices employed in producing consistently effective commercial-grade formulations. Considerable discussion focused on Timorex Gold®, STK’s flagship solution which is currently sold and used on various crops throughout Brazil. The environmentally-friendly, botanical-based food protection fungicide increases productivity and efficiency in crops, while reducing chemical load residues on the produce. The delegation was informed about the benefits of Timorex Gold® for banana growers, including short PHI, zero residue, and the enlarging and promotion of the leaf surface. Timorex Gold®is certified worldwide by leading organic associations, including IBD Brazil, ECOCERT, BCS and others