The powerful benefits of Tea Tree Oil

The powerful benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Timorex Gold Proven to Increase Vigor and Yield in Crops in addition to its Crop Protection Efficacy

Professor Moshe Reuveni

The powerful benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Surprising new findings in STK studies conducted have linked the benefits of tea tree oil with increased vigor and yield in crops, when used in conjunction with Timorex Gold, STK’s botanical-based bio-fungicide.

Tea tree oil (TTO) is an essential oil extracted by steam distillation from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, a small tree native to Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. The use of tea tree oil can be traced back to the early Aborigines, who used it as an antimicrobial agent for centuries in their traditional medicine due to its effective antiseptic, fungicide and bactericide  properties.

STK has recognized the great potential of tea tree oil for plant protection applications and developed a unique natural fungicide, Timorex Gold. Timorex Gold has demonstrated high efficacy against a broad spectrum of plant-pathogenic fungi with strong prophylactic and curative activities in numerous crops, including vegetables, herbs, grapevines, bananas, rice, coffee and fruit trees.

In the last 10 years of experimental and commercial use, Timorex Gold was found to provide a significant added value to existing methods, in addition to its disease control and crop protection efficacy.

Can Timorex Gold surpass the efficacy of commercial methods?

During its study on the efficacy of Timorex Gold against the Black Sigatoka disease in Central and South America, STK noticed that it also affected the number of healthy functioning leaves in banana plants. Previous studies showed that one additional functional banana leaf at the time of harvest significantly increases banana yield.

To further investigate this finding, STK conducted a semi-commercial trial in Belize on Grand Nain cultivars of Cavendish banana plants.  A total of 32 applications of Timorex Gold at 0.5 L/ha were made on a commercial area of 134 ha. The control treatment included conventional chemical compounds such as Mancozeb, chlorothalonil, and systemic fungicides, applied on dates in conjunction with Timorex Gold, used in recommended quantities and sprayed at a total volume of 18.0 L/ha.

STK’s research team then conducted a weekly evaluation of disease variables and of the number of healthy functioning leaves on each banana plant for each of the treatments. They also recorded yield parameters such as average bunch weight and average number of hands per bunch.

Bananas – one additional leaf results in heavier bunches and higher yield

The area treated with Timorex Gold demonstrated efficacy equivalent to the control commercial treatments, as indicated by analyzing the youngest identified leaf, the youngest infected leaf and the AUDPC. However, Timorex Gold surpassed the commercial treatment with the growth of one additional functional leaf (Fig. 1). The larger number of green leaves resulted in heavier bunches (by up to 7%), with more hands (by up to 15%), larger diameter of the apical hand (by up to 10%), and a larger basal diameter (by up to 14%).

Fig 1. Effect of Timorex Gold on leaf production in commercial banana trial in Belize following 32 consecutive applications

Table Grapes –  color evolution

In fieldtrials conducted in Argentina, Chile and Brazil on Red Globe table grapes, STK examined the addition of a single spray of Timorex Gold at 0.5 L/ha following an application of Ethrel 48 SC (ethephone) at 0.5 L/ha. Ethrel was applied in the first application which began with the breaking of color at 12–13o Brix, and then Timorex Gold was applied 10 days later. Comparison treatments included one application of Ethrel 48 SC (ethephone) at 0.5 L/ha and unsprayed vines as a control group. Researchers aimed at documenting the rate of color evolution, and the number of bunches that are good for harvest (Fig. 2).

Fig 2. Color change scale: 1=0-25% color, 2=25-75%, 3=75-99% and 4=100%. Note: bunches at grades 3 and 4 are good for harvest.

Full-colored grapes for better harvest

Results showed that the application of Ethephon followed by Timorex Gold resulted in higher percentage of full-colored grapes in the first and second harvest, compared with the standard treatment using Ethephon alone. Timorex Gold also improved color uniformity (Fig. 3) and showed significantly higher percentage of full-colored grapes, compared with the standard treatment of Ethephon alone or the untreated control crops. Moreover, adding a Timorex application following Ethephon resulted in a higher average number (up to 49%) of bunches that were good for harvest per plant, compared with Ethephon alone.  Similar results were obtained in large scale commercial trials in Chile, Brazil and China.

 Fig. 3. Effect of Timorex Gold on color change of bunches according to various grade scale described in Fig. 2 where: 1 & 2= up to 75% color and 3 & 4= up to 100% color and good for harvest.

Timorex Gold – an eco-friendly solution for increased yield and fruit quality in agricultural crops

The larger number of green leaves in Timorex Gold-treated bananas resulted in heavier bunches and higher yield. For farmers and growers this is nothing but good news – as one more functional leaf at harvest increases banana yield by 1 kg per bunch and the yield of the plantation by 1,700 kg/ha, – an additional 81 boxes/ha.

In the case of table grapes, Timorex Gold could be a promising complement to Ethephon for color uniformity by increasing the number of bunches that are good for harvest. Moreover, similar effects on plant growth, yield and quality have been observed in other crops such as rice, peanuts, tomatoes, garlic, carrots, coffee and more.

Timorex Gold – a healthier alternative to commercial pesticides

Over the past few decades, increasing concern over the health impacts of chemical residues on plants and on crops has led to a greater demand for organically grown produce. Farmers who have been struggling to protect their crops and to bring healthy produce into the market while still meeting organic standards are on the lookout for new solutions. Pesticides that are based on herbal essential oils, including tea tree oil, may be part of the solution to this problem.

STK’s experimental and commercial use of Timorex Gold on Cavendish bananas and table grapes demonstrates that it has not only proven to be effective against a broad spectrum of plant diseases, but is also highly effective at improving yield and fruit quality in agricultural crops. 

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Summit Agro becomes the Exclusive Partner of STK in the USA

Summit Agro will distribute STK Botanical Biopesticides and Innovative ‘Hybrids’ in the USA April 15,  (Petach Tikvah, Israel) – STK bio-ag technologies, the innovative Israeli leader in botanical sustainable crop protection, has partnered with Summit Agro U.S.A., which will become the exclusive distributor of STK products in the United States. Effective immediately, Summit Agro USA will assume the marketing and sales responsibility for STK products in the USA.  Currently registered STK products, include TIMOREX GOLD® and Timorex ACT®.  TIMOREX GOLD® is the world’s leading botanical-based biofungicide, used in nearly 40 countries and currently approved for use throughout the USA for a wide range of uses.  Timorex ACT®, is a new OMRI – listed biofungicide for organic farming and conventional agriculture.  Pending registration is REGEV®. REGEV® is the first ‘hybrid’ pre-mixed combination of a botanical-based biopesticide with a chemical pesticide. Comprised of Tee Tree Oil (TTO) and Difenoconazole, REGEV® is already used in approximately 15 countries and has proven activity on a wide range of horticultural and row crops. EPA registration is anticipated in the first quarter of 2020.   In addition to the STK products, Summit Agro will also assume the STK non-exclusive rights to sell AVIV® biological fungicide in the US. Already successfully launched in the US, AVIV® offers broad spectrum disease control in key fruit and vegetable crops. CEO Arye Tennebaum of STK declared, “I am delighted to announce this partnership with Summit Agro. They are a world-class organization, with a great team of highly knowledgeable and dedicated professionals to help fruit and vegetable growers with STK’s cutting edge technologies for plant health and yield growth.”   The President and CEO of Summit Agro USA, Bill Lewis, also commented, stating,” Summit Agro is very excited with this opportunity.  The addition of the STK brands to the existing strong Summit Agro brand family will allow Summit Agro to offer a wide range of disease control options.   We are confident that in coordination with our exclusive distribution partners, Helena Agri Enterprises and the Tenkoz Member Companies, we will be able to effectively deliver STK’s  innovative biological and ‘hybrid’ solutions to growers all across the USA. We know these are outstanding products and we’re very proud to have been selected to represent them in the USA.” About STK Founded in 1994, STK is a bio-ag technology company committed to sustainable crop protection through the use of innovative biological products. STK’s botanical-based solutions (BBS), a synergy of cutting-edge scientific research and technology, enhance the safety, yield and quality of multiple crops. STK’s botanical and hybrid solutions are easily integrated into conventional spraying programs, helping to advance the Integrated Pest Management approach to food production. About Summit Agro Summit Agro USA, located in Durham, NC is focused on working with our partners to identify, develop, and deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of growers across the United States.  Summit Agro has a history of bringing innovative solutions to market and can manage the full process from initial development to sales. This integrated business approach enables us to provide reliable, high-quality products to US growers.  Whether the need is for insecticides, fungicides, or herbicides, Summit Agro has a full range of product offers to meet the needs of our customers.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement Announced For STK In Colombia

March 11, 2019 (Tel Aviv, Israel) – STK bio – ag technologies, the innovative Israel-based leader in bio-ag technologies and hybrid technologies for sustainable agriculture and aquaculture, and ADAMA , a global leader in crop protection products,  are announcing an exclusive agreement for the distribution of Timorex® Gold botanical-based bio-fungicide and STK REGEV® ‘Hybrid’ fungicide throughout Colombia. Under this exclusive agreement, ADAMA will sell the products throughout Colombia under STK’s trade name, Timorex® Gold and  STK REGEV®. Timorex® Gold is currently approved for use in Colombia for the following crops: Bananas, Rice, Ornamentals, Tomatoes, Avocados, Onions, Coffee, Corn, Tobacco, Potatoes, Passion fruit and Pitahaya. Colombia has also approved STK REGEV® on rice, with expected label extension on bananas, ornamentals, coffee and tomatoes. TIMOREX GOLD® is a highly effective and popular botanical-based bio-fungicide. Based on Tea Tree Oil, TIMOREX GOLD® is used by growers in nearly 40 countries throughout the Americas, Asia, Australia/New Zealand and Israel. TIMOREX GOLD® protects fruits and vegetables from a wide variety of diseases, substantially increases crop yields and quality, leaves no chemical residues, and makes TIMOREX GOLD® treated crops more competitive and agriculture more sustainable internationally. STK REGEV® is the world’s first ‘hybrid’ fungicide. It is used successfully in many countries and several regions of the world.  A ready to use mix, STK REGEV® is used exactly as other fungicides, but with the added benefits of reduced chemical residues and much better resistance management due to its highly complex formulation of Tea Tree Oil and Difenoconazole. This easy  to use fungicide serves as a ‘bridge,’ enabling farmers who have never used any biological product to try one, without having to mix, rotate or do anything differently, thereby expanding the use of biological products for sustainable agriculture. Commenting on the Agreement, STK CEO, Arye Tenenbaum declared, “We are very pleased to be partnering with such a great company as ADAMA, whose world-class team of experts will promote the use of these exceptionally innovative and highly-effective biological products to Colombian growers." ADAMA Andeans Countries CEO, Edgardo Iglesias commented, “TIMOREX GOLD® and STK REGEV® complement ADAMA’s portfolio in Colombia. With these highly-advanced technologies, we aim to continue providing valuable services and products to enable farmers to optimize yields and help them grow." STK Colombia Country Manager, Jose A. Estevez added, “I have great expectations for this strategic agreement to accelerate the STK market penetration and sales growth in Colombia.”


STK & Sipcam announce an exclusive Distribution Agreement for Timorex® Gold botanical-based biofungicide in Spain January 23, 2019 (Petach Tikvah, Israel) - STK bio – ag technologies, the innovative Israel-based leader in bio-ag technologies for sustainable agriculture, and Sipcam , a global leader in crop protection products,  are announcing an exclusive agreement for the distribution and market development  of Timorex® Gold bio fungicide throughout Spain. Under this exclusive agreement, Sipcam Iberia will market and sell the product throughout Spain under STK’s trade name, Timorex® Gold. Timorex® Gold is currently approved for use in Spain on cucumber and zucchini, with label extensions applied for grapes, tomatoes, eggplants, pumpkins and gherkins. Timorex® Gold is a highly- effective, eco-friendly, Maximum Residue Level exempted premium biofungicide, meeting the highest standards for sustainable agriculture. Timorex® Gold’s unique mode of action protects plants by rupturing fungus cells, increasing overall plant health and yields for a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Timorex® Gold works to protect plants from Botrytis, Powdery Mildew, Black Sigatoka and many other fungal and bacterial diseases. While Timorex® Gold is currently used by growers in over 30 countries in various regions, Spain is the first country is Western Europe to approve its use. The plan is for Timorex® Gold to enter the rest of the Western Europe over the next few years. According to STK CEO Arye Tenenbaum, “The collaboration between STK bio – ag technologies & Sipcam Iberia is a testament to both companies’ commitment to sustainable agriculture and our mutual goal of providing innovative, effective and environmentally friendly solutions to growers. “  Sipcam CEO Pablo Montañés declared, “Sipcam has a rigorous process for identifying the most innovative and effective biological products and companies for distribution partnership.  We look forward to our collaboration with STK and rolling out Timorex® Gold with great success bringing a highly-effective new tool to hundreds of Spanish growers, completing the already interesting Sipcam portfolio in bioprotection.”